Samsung Galaxy S6 to be launched alongside Galaxy S6 Edge?

By Jay Jay

As all readers of Mobile Choice, or indeed any other tech website knows by now, Samsung is likely to launch its next flagship, the Galaxy S6, at World Mobile Congress next year.

With the Galaxy S5 failing to match the sales figures of its predecessor by some way, Samsung went on an ambitious overdrive to launch Project Zero- a renewed attempt at building its next flagship from scratch to improve upon existing standards and remain relevant in the competition.

Sammobile claimed yesterday that the Samsung Galaxy S6 could be launched along with a curved variant called the Galaxy S6 Edge. It added that the variant could feature a display similar to the recently launched Galaxy Note Edge that would bend on one side of the phone.

While this may sound believable given Samsung’s recent obsession with curved displays in products ranging from tablets to SMART televisions, it appears quite the contrary to recent statements from Samsung’s gadget planners.

On 17th November, Robert Yi, Senior Vice President of Samsung Electronics stated that the company will trim down its mobile inventory by 25% to 30% by the turn of the year to attain 15% profitability in the long run.

Going by the logic, it would make more sense if Samsung uses the Plastic OLED screen to get the curve-effect in the flagship itself rather than extending the product line further with an expensive variant.

The rumours further added that the Edge variant, if launched, could feature only in limited numbers in select markets, given that curved displays are still in their infancy.

I guess it will all be about waiting and watching for us for the time being...

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