Microsoft’s next Lumia device leaked- Pictures here!

A possible successor to the Nokia Lumia 1020, the 41-MP flagship has been spotted in leaked images on a Chinese auction site.

If the rumours and the leaks prove correct, this will be the first high-end device to bear Microsoft’s name. Nokia 530, a budget handset will be remembered for a long time for being the first device to bear the behemoth’s name.

The images show a camera bump reminiscent of the 1020 at the back of the phone that houses the 41-MP camera and as the images show- is a prototype.

Even though we know that Microsoft is currently working on their next big project, it is not known if these pictures are indeed of the rumoured flagship or prototypes of a phone that will ultimately be cancelled like the ‘Mclaren’, a 1020 successor that Microsoft ultimately abandoned.

Labelled as the ‘Nokia RM-1052’ on the auction site, the phone runs Windows Phone 8.1 and has a 1080p display. Internally it packs a 2GB RAM and has a 5-inch screen and is encased in an aluminium body with a plastic bumper along the edges, reminiscent, again, of the Lumia 925 which has an aluminium body and bright plastic back.

It is not obvious if the pictures here show the next Lumia flagship, but if they are indeed that then Microsoft are not re-inventing the Lumia wheel in terms of design elements.

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