Apple Watch- more details revealed

By Jay Jay

The Apple Watch, unveiled in September amid much fanfare, is expected to hit the stores early next year.

Designed to be able to send and receive messages, answer calls to iPhones and using Digital Touch, Apple Watch was also believed to be able to support several health and fitness apps to help people lead healthier lives.

However, specific details on how the apps would function and the array of features in the Watch remained an enigma. Until recently. Apple has added some interesting new features of the Watch in its website, especially in the timekeeping section as well as several animations in its time and fitness features.

New design faces available in the website show millions of possibilities of viewing time on the Watch. Not only can the users tweak themes and colors, but can also choose what details must remain on the watch screens, like alarm status, meeting fixture, temperature, calories burnt etc.

The Activity feature in the Watch can monitor the user’s activity status throughout the day, and the Stocks, World Clock, Timer, Weather and Calendar features keep you connected and aware of the surroundings.

A statement from Apple in the website tipped the Watch as an “elegant and minimalistic view of the time — usually the first thing you want at a glance. Easily adjust the amount of detail on the dial, from light to rich. Even with complications, this face maintains a clean and symmetrical design.”

We cannot wait!

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