Landlines are no longer ‘must-have’ devices

By Jay Jay

Multi-functional capabilities of our mobile phones are relegating once-essential household products to the dustbin. While calls (70%) and texts (82%) still dominate our interests amongst the numerous functionalities our mobile phones afford us, household essentials like landlines (32%), calculators (28%), calendars (21%), photo albums (17%) and cookbooks (12%) are slowly losing out to the other features in our phones.

“Our mobile phones have become the remote control of our lives, and we are using them for an ever-increasing range of tasks..” says Bill Moore, CEO and President of Rootmetrics, the standard of independent mobile performance information. The company conducted a survey between 7th and 11th November by recruiting 2000 UK respondents online and came up with these quite interesting findings.

While 51% of the 18-24 year olds confirmed that their mobile phones have completely replaced their landlines, only 17% of the 55 and overs confirmed this trend.

A separate study conducted by Rootmetrics revealed that mobile operators EE, Three, O2 and Vodafone performed strongly in call and text parameters, with the former showing the best performance.

Rootmetrics also revealed that mobile data services have begun competing with home wifis with increasing effect. 13% of the respondents didn’t use home wifis at all while 29% used them sparingly, underlining the speed and reliability of modern mobile data services.

With the advent of 4G, high-speed streaming services at low cost and introduction of phablets, television sets could soon become the next household essential to face the heat.

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