Reading an email? You must be on an iPhone!

by Jay Jay

Use of iPhones to read emails nearly doubled between August 2013 and August 2014.

Sendgrid, a cloud-based platform that increases email deliverability trawled through 8 billion emails sent by over 125,000 companies between 2013-2014 to compile the findings.

A further sobering fact that emerged from the findings was that not only did the usage of iPhones double, but they far surpassed those read on Android and Windows phones.

Even so, the numbers differed markedly across cities- Manchester topped the list with a 362% increase while Newcastle hugged the bottom with a mere 9% and in London, emails read on iPhones increased by 100%.

iPads too have felt a lot of love in the past year and the study found an increase of 128% across the UK and Ireland in their use. Newcastle led the way with a 600% rise while Cardiff saw a mere 7% increase in its numbers.

Interestingly, Android devices carved up a mere 40% increase in the same period. Unlike the iPhone and iPad, emails opened on Android devices declined in cities like London, Dublin, Bristol and Birmingham. Cardiff, which recorded the lowest increase in iPad data, signified growing popularity of Android devices, with a 167% year on year growth.

Amidst the sheer competition of platforms, Windows phones turned out to be the ones left on the bench. With an overall increase of just 1% in the number of emails read, they are no longer in the race for the ultimate email platform, at least for now.

British businesses like Bookingbug, Hailo, Spotify and Uber were among the companies on whose behalf the emails were delivered.

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