Samsung Flow joins the dots in your Connected Home

By Jay Jay

Along the lines of Apple’s Continuity features, Samsung on Wednesday unveiled a new system named Samsung Flow to its developers at Moscone West in San Francisco.

Flow lets users connect their Samsung devices when placed in close proximity to each other. Android’s ingrained sharing features will be the playground for the connectivity.

Once connected, users can transfer, defer or notify information between devices to enable seamless continuity.

So, for instance if you just opened up a restaurant finder app on your Samsung Galaxy Alpha and decided to use the Samsung Galaxy tab instead- the process would be seamless.

Flow would help transfer the exact app data to your tab seamlessly as if you never looked away. Similarly, if you were watching a Youtube review of Interstellar on your tablet and preferred to watch the rest of it on your Samsung telly instead, Flow could help you defer the video at the exact point where you paused, and let it run on the TV when you’re back.

The notify feature is another gem that Flow is being incorporated with. If you were expecting an email but kept your Samsung phone in the other room, the nearby Tab or the TV would instantly alert you once the email hits the phone.

Since it is still in the developmental stage, it remains to be seen if the Flow could hit the Samsung ecosystem in the next year. Game on, developers!

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