HTC One (M9) specs- what they could be...

by Jay Jay

The rumour mills have started churning already- and churning fast...

It is the hotly anticipated iteration of HTC flagship that's the subject of all of the chin wagging.

Rumour has it that the much lauded HTC One (M8) is going to get a worthy successor in the new year- more specifically at Mobile World Congress held in Barcelona in February every year.

The follow-up version, christened the One (M9), is expected to hit the road running. Even though speculating that it will run Android 5.0 Lollipop is a no-brainer, the phone is expected to arrive with 64GB and 128GB storage options along with 3GB of RAM and a Quadcore Snapdragon 805 processor for the dirty work.

These specs may seem more apt for playing a heavily loaded Modern Warfare multiplayer, but the HTC One (M9), like its predecessor, may have its own share of newer flashier features. With a Super LCD3 capacitive touchscreen and assumed, if not more, 1080 X 1920 pixels, its video quality and clarity are sure to reign supreme.

Apart from the marked increase in internal storage, a 128 GB microSD slot may ensure storage will never be a cause of worry. Though the HTC One’s (M8) camera had several improvements over its predecessor HTC One, the 4MP lens fell short in performance compared to the Apple iPhone 6 (8MP) or the Samsung Galaxy S5 (16MP) in consistency, zooming, motion and panoramic views. The One (M9) should correct this- come 2015.

Even as the expected specs may make the HTC One (M9) one of the finest smartphone launches of 2015, the company may also consider rounding up the fine work with a water proof design and more colour options.

With sales volumes dwindling, HTC might as well go for the jugular.

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