Soon it will be 'Roll it like LG'

By Jay Jay

LG raised quite a few eyebrows in autumn 2013 when it launched the uniquely flexible and curved G Flex smartphone. It came with largest flexible Plastic OLED display of its kind that promised enhanced durability and brightness.

Even though it contributed remarkably to the 54% increase in LG’s smartphone sales from over a year ago, most consumer complaints focused on bumpy screen defects once the screens were subjected to pressure. But now, it seems LG has finally come up with a game plan to counter these niggling issues.

The company announced last week, they now intend to make Plastic OLEDs the permanent screen-type for its new smartphones and tablets come 2015 using something called 'Neo Edge Technology' where instead of tape, an adhesive is used to seal the circuit board and backlight- making the bezels tiny...tiny...tiny...  

The new Plastic screens will come with added flexibility along with being thinner and lighter that will make future devices not just bendable, but also foldable.

If LG’s projections are accurate, then we may very well come across foldable as well as ‘rollable’ screens in automotive infotainment systems, monitors and TVs by 2017.

Predictably, LG isn’t the sole runner on the road. In September, Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Note Edge where notifications, custom controls, news and tweets are spaced smoothly around a curved edge of the device. Having already declared 2014 as a year of curved UHD, bendable TVs, home appliances and tablets, Samsung hardly appears to be bored with the competition.

The race seems to have just begun. As Neil Young prophesied, rock and roll is here to stay.

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