500m now use Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger, the chat application that the social media giant arm-twisted users into downloading and start using, now has 500 million active users.

Back in August, Facebook shut off the chat function on the site necessitating the millions of users to switch over to the stand-alone chat app.

The number is now just short of the 600 million that Whatsapp, Facebook’s 1$19 billion acquisition has.

The numbers actually don't mean much in terms of moolah for the Palo Alto based company because both are free apps and a very small percentage of WhatsApp users actually paid to download it.

The news, however ties in directly with the money-transfer facility that Facebook are said to be working on within its app- even poaching the CEO of Paypal, David Marcus to lead Facebook Messenger.

”This is an exciting milestone but with a half billion people relying on Messenger to communicate and connect, it is also a reminder that there is so much left for us to do,” said Peter Martinazzi, Facebook’s director of product management in a blog post.

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