Christie’s to sell Apple-1 Computer sold by Steve Jobs

Auction house Christie’s is all set to auction the only known surviving and working Apple-1 computer to have been sold directly by Steve Jobs.

Sold by Jobs out of his Palo Alto California garage in 1976 for $600, Christies estimate its worth to be between $400,00-$600,00 (£250,000-£400,000) which seems ridiculously low as an Apple-1 computer was sold for in October for $905,000 (£750,000) and it didn't have the rich history that this one comes with.

The computer is being sold with two cancelled cheques from the owner made out to Apple computers. To make sure the computer wasn't a write-off, the auction house brought in an Apple-1 expert who not only was able to run the Apple BASIC software on it but was also able to play an Apple-1 Star Trek game.

Originally called ‘The Ricketts’ Apple-1 Personal Computer’ after the first owner, the computer forms a part of ‘The Exceptional Sale’ by Christie’s in New York which will also include ‘The Ron Wayne Apple Archive. Ron Wayne co-founded Apple Computer, together with Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak in 1976. Wayne left the partnership 11 days after the company was formed, but remained a consultant to the enterprise and left a significant mark on the company having drafted fundamental documents and Apple’s first logo.’

The press release from Christie’s further states: ‘Coming directly from Ron Wayne, the archive comprises the original working proofs of the Apple-1 Operation Manual, with his original company logo. This proof page of the logo may be the oldest copy of an Apple logo in existence. Wayne possessed and retained these proof copies because he laid out the entire design and contents of the Manual, in partnership with Steve Jobs. The lot will also include design renderings, bluelines, sketches and diagrams for a proposed Apple II personal computer cabinet.’

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