Project Ara makes an appearance

If you are not on the know about Google’s Project Ara, prepare to be amazed.

A prototype of the modular phone has made an appearance on a video where it is shown being taken apart and then assembled, feature by feature.

Slotting compartments on the back of the phone allow for components, most of which look like single pieces of ‘after eight’ chocolate being fitted in before the phone is switched on.

Smartphone design hasn't seen a major revolution since Steve Jobs stepped onto the platform and unveiled the first iPhone… but this looks promising, even more than Google Glass ever did.

Project Ara’s working prototype has been manufactured by NK Labs in Boston and that’s where the modular prototype was shown off to a camera crew from Phonebloks.

Toshiba has created special chips for the phone and the next version, called the Spiral 2 will sport them.

The current version is shown loading the Android operating system in the video.

Finally, the video ends with a an announcement for events that will take place on January 14, for Europe and US and another on January 21 for Asia and the Pacific.

Hope you are as excited as we are!

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