EE switches on 4G+ in London

Ee today announced that they are switching on 4G+ across 150 sites in the capital.

Although 4G+ devices like the Samsung Galaxy S5 and Galaxy Alpha are thin on the ground, users of regular 4G phones will also benefit from the roll-out.

Also known as LTE-Advanced, it can bring a blistering 150Mbps data speed to phones.

To put this into context, average 3G is at 2Mbps and 4G at 12Mbps, 4G+ is even faster than fibre optic broadband as Virgin report a speed of 140Mbps for their broadband over a 24 hour period on their website.

Back to 4G+, some of the first places in London to get it will be Soho, Westminster, and Shoreditch with full 4G+ coverage expected by June 2015.

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