RIP Nokia branded handsets

Many people’s first experience with a mobile phone involved hours spent on snake, programming ringtones on Composer and finding new ways to cram a message into 160 characters on a Nokia 3310.

Despite being synonymous with mobiles, the Nokia name is soon to disappear from the public eye as Microsoft phases it out in favour of its own branding tied to the Lumia name. Following years of decline in market share and profitability, Nokia’s mobile division was bought out by the tech powerhouse in April this year for £4.6 billion, this also included 10 years of use of the Nokia name on their models.

Despite this deal, the last Nokia branded phones are to be the Nokia Lumia 730, 735 and 830 models which were announced in September and released in the first week of October. They continue the brand’s attempt to grab the large low to mid-end market but with 2.5% global market share, they’ve got a long way to go. While Microsoft continues its quest to win over users to its Windows Phone OS,

Nokia’s remaining departments will continue to produce telecoms networks, hardware and its mapping app, “Here”.

Contrary to popular knowledge, Nokia as a company is over 100 years old with its roots in the then Russian Empire. They’ve survived multiple revolutions, famines and wars while creating products as varied as gas masks, paper and nuclear power plant equipment, suggesting the end of its handsets is unlikely to be the end of Nokia.

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