First Apple computer sold for record price

A mint-condition Apple-1 sold for a record £564,000 at a New York Auction on 22 October.

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak constructed 50 models in Steve Jobs’ garage in 1976 but only an estimated 15 set-ups have survived in working order. The purchaser will receive a vintage keyboard, the original power supply and a Sanyo monitor alongside the motherboard.

All items were previously stored behind a glass since 1989, making it the first pristine models sold in recent years. With just 4kb of standard memory, it would take four million of them to equal the memory of the lowest capacity iPhone 6 model.

Inversely, for the £564,000 price tag, the buyer could have purchased 282 top-spec 5k retina iMacs. Adjusted for inflation, Apple-1 models originally sold for £1,736. In 2013 two working Apple 1 computers with their original boxes were sold in Germany for £205,000 and £418,000 – The latter included a letter from Steve Jobs.

The models were the first ever pre-constructed computers (users previously had to assemble nearly every component), a move which improved accessibility to computing and birthed the popularity of the PC.

With rumours milling about another Steve Jobs biopic - this time with Danny Boyle at the helm likely to further spur interest in Apple’s history, it’s might be time to have a rummage around the loft if you shopped at San Francisco’s Byte Shop in the late 70s.

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