Waterproof HTC Desire Eye is the perfect selfie-shooter

HTC has announced the Desire Eye, a new Android smartphone with a brightly coloured, waterproof plastic body, and a massive 13-megapixel front facing camera.

Created to take the perfect selfie, the HTC Desire Eye was announced at a press event in New York and has exactly the same 13mp camera (with flash) on the front as on the back - a first for any smartphone.

With a 5.2-inch Full HD display, Boom Sound speakers and a quad-core processor, the Desire Eye is, on the inside, almost exactly the same as the superb One (M8) flagship - but we’re told the Eye will be priced like a mid-range phone, with a retail price of around £300 to £400.

Exclusive to the Three network in the UK, the Desire Eye has IP67 waterproofing, meaning it will survive a dip in up to one meter of fresh water for up to 30 minutes - and it does this without any flaps covering its ports. That’s something we haven’t seen on any smartphone before.

There’s 2GB of RAM - just like the M8 - while storage is 16GB and can be upgraded via microSD card to up to 128GB.

A whole host of photography features will debut on the Desire Eye, before making their way to the One (M8) in due course. These include the ability to take a photo with both cameras at once, as well as blending the faces of two people into one.

Ever wanted to see what you and your partner’s child might look like? Us neither, but if you did, then the Desire Eye has you covered - take a photo of each person, tap a button and slide a scale to watch the new face morph from one person to the other. Stick it in the middle and that’s your child. Maybe.

Having such a high resolution for a front-facing camera, the Desire Eye can zoom in on several faces in shot to keep them in frame - perfect for when you want to host a video call with several people in the same room.

On the side the Eye has a two-stage camera shutter button; press halfway to focus, then fully to take the photo. There are also voice commands, so you can say “cheese” or similar outloud to take a selfie without needing to find the on-screen icon or shutter button. “Action” automatically starts a video recording.

Made from a single piece of polycarbonate, the HTC Desire Eye will be available in blue and red, and will go on sale in the UK sometime in early November.


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