EE TV is a smartphone-controlled television service to rival Sky and Virgin

EE has entered the television market with a set-top box which can record four HD channels at once and is controlled by your smartphone or tablet.

The box offers the full catalogue of Freeview channels, plus on-demand and catch-up services like iPlayer provided through EE’s broadband connection.

Four HD tuners mean you can record that many channels at once - or record three channels and live content on a fourth - and there’s a massive 1TB (that’s around 600 hours of film and TV) of storage to save your favourite shows and films on.

Called EETV, the service will be free to customers who already subscribe to EE’s home broadband service, and will cost £9.95 per month for mobile customers. EE hasn’t given a release date yet, but says it will be available “shortly” - we expect it to arrive in time for Christmas.

Although a traditional remote is included in the box, EETV can be controlled by your iOS and Android smartphone or tablet thanks to a purpose-built app which lets you control the play/pause function, volume and channel change, as well as view content you’ve already recorded. That last feature means your family can watch four different channels (or recorded programmes) on four different devices (on the same Wi-Fi network) at the same time.

Sadly there is no offline mode, so you can’t watch recorded programmes out and about, but the ability to watch four different channels on four devices will surely end many family arguments about what to watch each evening.

Finally, a feature called Replays let you select up to six favourite channels, which are recorded in full, making sure you never miss anything they broadcast. If you get home half way through a programme on these channels, you can instantly skip back to the start and watch from there.


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