Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Edge will not be mass produced, unlikely to leave Korea

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Edge will not be mass produced and will not be available outside of South Korea, the company has confirmed.

Shown off at the IFA technology show in Berlin this summer, the Note 4 Edge is just like a conventional smartphone, except its screen curves over the entire right-hand edge. Samsung hoped developers would think of smart ways to display information here, such as a stock price ticker, news headlines, or notifications.

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Samsung also suggested the edge display could be used as a clock when the rest of the screen is switched off. But Samsung Electronics president DJ Lee recently told reporters the Note 4 Edge will be a “limited edition concept” going on sale in South Korea soon.

This tallies with a statement by UK retailer Clove, which said it would not be receiving the Note 4 Edge from its suppliers, although would endeavor to source Korean handsets to sell here. Clove said it “will not be available in the majority of European countries.”

Mobile Choice got our hands on the Note 4 Edge at IFA and liked the concept, but we were doubtful that developers would create enough apps to make the quirky phone a success.

Source (Korean): ZDNet

Via: PC World


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