Apple superfan pays helpers £2,000 to hold his place in London iPhone 6 queue for 10 days

A London man has paid more than £2,000 for someone to queue for 10 days so he can be first to buy the new iPhone 6, which goes on sale tomorrow morning.

The unnamed man used TaskRabbit, an application where users can pay others to help with DIY, gardening, shopping, cleaning or other household tasks and errands, and will return to the front of the queue in time for the Apple Store to open at 8am on Friday morning.

The iPhone 6 starts at £539 and goes up to £789 for the largest capacity 6 Plus model.

Queuing for the latest iPhone or iPad has become some of an annual tradition for Apple fans, who often arrive days in advance and armed with folding chairs, sleeping bags and tents, along with their laptops to tap into the store’s Wi-Fi for entertainment.

The TaskRabbit workers - known as Taskers - have worked in shifts to ensure one person is there for the duration; the first tasker arrived last Monday, a day before the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus were even announced by Apple, and when the release date was also unknown.

Going on sale at 8am Friday morning, the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus recorded more than four million preorders between them in just 24 hours, forcing Apple to issue a statement warning that some handsets ordered might not be delivered until October.

The phones can be ordered online for home delivery from Apple and the phone networks; alternatively, the handsets can be reserved for collection and payment at a set time from Friday morning onwards. Finally, customers can join the growing queue tonight in the hope of bagging one in the morning.

In previous years hundreds of fans have queued up at both the Regent Street and Covent Garden Apple stores - but many are there to turn a quick profit, either selling their phones immediately, or sending them to countries like Russia where the handset is not yet on sale.

Look out for Mobile Choice’s reviews of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, which will be published online soon.

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