Will UK miss out on Samsung Note 4 Edge? Retailers cast doubt over release date

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 edge may not be available in the UK or the majority of European countries when it goes on sale later this year.

UK online retailer Clove says it will not be receiving stock for the Galaxy Note 4 Edge, which features a unique screen designed to curve around the right-hand edge of the phone.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Edge: Hands-on

But it may be possible to source stock from countries where the Edge will be available. Clove said: “When the Note Edge launches, there will not be UK stock available. It will not be available in the majority of European countries.

“For those customers that are interested in purchasing the Note Edge, we will look to source non-UK stock. This means that, if possible, we will purchase the stock intended for one of the countries where the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge is due to launch.”

Samsung told Mobile Choice the phone "will be released in selected markets and UK availability will be confirmed in due course," but refused to say if the phone would actually be sold here.

Customers eager to get their hands on the curvaceous Edge can place a free pre-order with Clove and they will only be charged when (or if) the retailer gets a delivery. Meanwhile, the regular Note 4 will cost £575 SIM-free and Clove expects its first stock deliveries to arrive on 13 October, before being sent out to customers.

Mobile Choice got hands-on with the Note 4 Edge at its launch in Berlin earlier this month, and although we were impressed with the unique screen and its potential uses - a place to put camera controls, a stock/news ticker, or notifications when the rest of the screen is off - Samsung said they did not know if it would reach UK shores.

It is believed the Note 4 will be available more widely than Samsung’s first curved phone, the Korean-exclusive Galaxy Round, but nothing more is known.

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