Doro Liberto 820 is the perfect smartphone for the over-65s

Doro has announced the Liberto 820, the company’s latest Android smartphone packed full of features aimed at getting the older-65s connected.

Announced at IFA, the 820 runs a heavily customised version of Android 4.4.2 KitKat with a user interface that is not only very simple to use, but filled with helpful tutorials to help users get the most out of the handset.

Aimed at the over-65s, but also those who haven’t owned a smartphone before, the Liberto 820 has most of the features of any other smartphone, but wrapped up in an interface which tries not to confuse or overwhelm the user. For example, one tutorial explains how to write and send a text message, while another monitors camera use and suggests extra features after 50 photos have been taken.

Every tutorial can be skipped or repeated, depending on the user’s confidence and experience with smartphones. If certain applications - such as email - aren’t used, then a tutorial will ask if the user wants to use that service or not.

The 820 has three physical buttons to make interacting with the handset an easier and more tactile experience. It has a 4.5-inch touchscreen with a resolution of 940 x 560. In our brief time with the 820, we found it to be a strong improvement over the 810, which we reviewed earlier in the year.

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Doro says 58% of over-65s want a smartphone, so there is clearly a market for the Liberto 820.

Alongside the Liberto 820 handset Doro also used the IFA trade show in Berlin to announce a new companion application. Running on Android for now (iOS coming later), the app is intended for the friends and family of a Doro phone user; through the app they can adjust settings like screen brightness and ringtone volume remotely.

Commands sent to the phone take action in a matter of seconds, or will be stored in the cloud if the relative’s Doro is not online when the command is made.

Not only a way to remotely control a relative’s phone (although in a way where personal data is not shared), the app also keeps an eye on their usage habits. If, for example, a phone call hasn’t bee made for a week the app will alert the family member and suggest the relative may have a problem with their Doro. Apps can be remotely installed on the relative’s Doro.

The companion app can be used to control up to two Doros at once - useful for a child looking to help their elderly parents - and in turn each Doro can be controlled by up to three phones running the companion app.

Doro says the Liberto 820 and companion app will be available in either late September or early October, and it is expected to cost around £250 SIM-free.

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