Instagram Hyperlapse - the ability to create time-lapse videos at your fingertips

Just when you thought Instagram couldn’t get any more popular, it has just gone and done something pretty cool.

To be released at 5pm GMT, Instagram has created a new app called Hyperlapse which will take photo- and video-sharing on social media to an entirely new level.


Instagram currently has the ability for users to upload videos with filters, that are between three and 15 seconds long, but Hyperlapse will be a whole new area for them.

You wouldn’t need a rig, expensive equipment or Steadicam to shoot time-lapse videos from now on, just your phone. Much like how Instagram currently works, the record button will take centre stage on the first screen. You can choose the speed of the video on the next screen after recording it, 1x-12x being the options available on the slider. As always, as long as you have hooked up your other social media accounts with Hyperlapse, you can share the video on Facebook or Instagram.

However, the app will only be available on iOS to start with… Android users need not fret- they will get the Hyperlapse love soon.

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