Tesla Model S to be unlocked and started by iPhone app

Owners of the Tesla Model S electric car will soon be able to start the vehicle using their iPhone, thanks to an upcoming software update.

A leaked screenshot of the app update explains: “a new Tesla Mobile App (currently available for iPhone only) - which also has new notifications functionality and the ability to start your car (in case you forget your keyfob).”

The screenshot also reveals that an Android version of the Tesla app will be available “in a few weeks.”

It is being speculated that the app will make use of Touch ID, the fingerprint scanner of the iPhone 5s, to add a layer of security to the app, so somebody who steals your phone is not able to also get access to your car.

iOS 8, an update to the iPhone software, is currently being tested by developers and will be launched for the public in the autumn; the update allows third party app developers, such as those at Tesla, access to Touch ID. Currently, Touch ID only works to unlock the phone and purchase content from the iTunes and App stores.

The update, called Version 6, is said to be in late beta development stages and being finalised for a public rollout soon.

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