Apple iPhone 6 battery will be 25% larger than iPhone 5s

The iPhone 6 will have a battery 25% larger than the iPhone 5s, photographs of components leaked from Apple’s Chinese production facilities claim.

Measuring 1810mAh, the iPhone 6 battery is noticeably larger than the 1440mAh of the iPhone 5s, which should go some way towards curing the current handset’s so-so battery life - a drawback Samsung has been to capitalise on in its recent adverts describing iPhone users as “wall-huggers” due to them needing to regularly recharge.

A larger battery is possible due to the iPhone 6 having a larger screen than the current model - measuring 4.7 inches compared to 4in.

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The photographs show numerous batteries in a shipping container, ready to be installed into the iPhone 6, which is now believed to have entered mass production and could be revealed by Apple at a media event tipped for 9 September.

This is the second time 1810mAh batteries for the iPhone 6 have been spotted, with the first sighting back in July showing the same components, adding to the legitimacy of this latest leak.

It is also believed that Apple is working on an even larger iPhone 6 - with a 5.5-inch display this handset should pack a huge battery like the equally larger Samsung Galaxy Note 3, which has a capacity of 3200mAh.


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