Flappy Bird is back - but only for Amazon Fire TV box

Infuriating but addictive mobile game Flappy Bird is back from the dead, but only from the Amazon Appstore for Android - and it only works with the Amazon Fire TV set-top box.

Vietnamese developer Dong Nguyen kept his promise of resurrecting Flappy Bird, but fans who played the game in their millions on iOS will be disappointed by the lack of cross-platform compatibility of the new game.

Called Flappy Bird Family, the game is very similar to the original - where you must navigate the bird through an increasingly difficult course by making it fly higher or lower - but includes a new two-player feature.

When it launched earlier this year Flappy Bird dominated the free app charts and, despite its clunky, unimaginative, frustrating and repetitive gameplay, was said to earn Nguyen up to $50,000 per day in advertising revenue. The game was soon removed, however, after Nguyen admitted he had created something “too addictive” and which had become a problem for some users.

The new version includes extra obstacles not seen before, as well as ghost replays of previous attempts; the app is free and available now, although there’s no word on whether it will be available for more devices and platforms in the future.

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