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With school out for summer, you must have come across zillions of app round-ups and articles about keeping kids pacified during long and usually quite difficult journeys. You will also have realised from how they have been written that someone, an adult, has tested the app out and even you take their word for it, the app turns out to be rubbish.

This is where the Mobile Choice app roundup differs. We asked around and our app and games suggestions are based on actual suggestions from mums and carers. These ARE the apps that kids love and parents recommend! Our guide to the apps for 10-15 year olds is actually written by a teen who falls in that age bracket.

So without much ado- here are the 35 downloads that will save your summer.

- With very helpful inputs from Dylan (15 months), Hannah, Isla, Oscar and Rohan (3) and Tanisha (6)

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