OnePlus is working on a wearable called OneWatch, leak claims

Having already got our attention with the superb One smartphone, Chinese phone maker OnePlus is now developing a smartwatch called the OneWatch.

Revealed in product sketches and a photograph of a website apparently showing the product, the OneWatch is said to have a round OLED display covered by sapphire glass, a titanium frame, wireless charging and a curved battery hidden inside a leather strap.

Having a round face, the OneWatch follows in the design footprints of the Motorola Moto 360, which although not on sale yet, has earned more positive attention from developers and the technology press alike compared to the chunkier and square-screened LG G Watch and Samsung Gear range.

Only the back of the watch is shown on the photographed website, so we can’t tell what software the wearable will run - either Google’s Android Wear, or something developed in-house by OnePlus. We’re banking on the former.

If this leak proves to be accurate, OnePlus will soon find itself fighting in a new but competitive market, as Samsung, LG, Motorola and others try to work out what a smartwatch should be, and what the consumer wants.

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Apple is also expected to enter the smartwatch game later this year with a device dubbed the iWatch, but nothing has leaked to date and the latest rumour claimed it has been delayed to the end of 2014.

OnePlus burst onto the scene this year with the One smartphone, which matched flagship specs with a sub-£300 pricetag, drastically undercutting rival handsets from Apple, Samsung, HTC and LG.

However, the phone can only be bought by those who have been given an invitation, which comes from either the company itself, or from a fellow customer.

Source: BGR India


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