Nosee is a cloud-connected smartphone app made to tackle hay fever

These days there really does seem to be an app for everything - and now even hay fever sufferers can find solace in their smartphones with Nosee, an experimental product created by Birmingham-based company 383 Labs.

Combining a 3D-printed sensor to put outdoors (in your garden, for example), a smartphone app and data collected from other sources like weather forecasts, Nosee provides a more accurate and personal service than the broad, sweeping estimates usually found when predicting pollen levels.

The NHS estimates that some 10 million Brits are affected by hay fever every summer, and while medication has improved, information about pollen count remains vague. Because it is often specific types of pollen which cause the symptoms of hay fever, 383 Labs believes it can provide a better service by connecting its sensors with the cloud.

383 Labs says: “Nosee is a prototype personalised pollen notification service. It starts with installing a set of connected sensors in locations you care about. This might be in the back garden, at a friends house or even outside the office.

“Each sensor is connected to the internet via WiFi, it constantly uploads local pollen and air quality information which then alerts users via their smartphone or other connected devices.”

Then the clever stuff happens, and data from other devices and sources is combined to create a more accurate picture.

Nosee pulls in data from “seasonal trends, weather forecasts and information from other devices in the Nosee network. Putting our smart forecasting in the cloud allows us to constantly update the technology, without needing to create new hardware.”

As fgor getting this information make to the user, Nosee has an iPhone app and can even alert you through smartwatches, internet-connected televisions, smart bathroom scales and more.

Currently a prototype, 383 Labs now wants feedback on Nosee to see if the concept can be made into a reality.

Via: Pocket-lint

Source: 383 Labs

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