Samsung working on round-screen smartwatches as Apple iWatch faces more delays

Samsung is working on smartwatches with round faces, just like the highly-anticipated Motorola Moto 360, while the Apple iWatch is reportedly hit by yet more delays, pushing its release date back to late 2014.

Registered by Samsung just this week, the three new smartwatch designs include round faces - as opposed to the square models currently on sale - integrated cameras, and a charger connection relocated from the back of the case to the strap clasp.

It isn’t known if the wearables are intended to run Google’s Android Wear or Samsung’s own Tizen operating system, but given they include cameras we reckon it’s the latter - providing they ever make it into production, as companies like Samsung often register patents for products which never see the light of day.

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Although all high-profile smartwatches currently on sale are square, the round Moto 360 is due imminently, and we’ve heard LG is also working on a round version of the G Watch - it’d make perfect sense for Samsung to follow suit.

Meanwhile, Apple’s iWatch - which has not yet been leaked, but is expected to have a round screen - has been hit by yet more delays. A report from the company’s Chinese production line published by local site claims the wearable gadget will not arrive until the end of the year.

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Previously it was claimed the iWatch would launch alongside the iPhone 6 at a media event in September. The report also claims Apple has “severely” revised its shipment expectations of the new gadget, slashing them from 20 million by the end of the year to just six million.

As always, it’s worth taking these reports with a large pinch of salt until something official comes from Apple itself. For now, the smartwatch game continues to be played by Samsung, LG and Pebble while Apple watches from the sidelines.

Source: SamMobile

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