HTC developing Windows Phone version of One (M8)

HTC is developing a version of the One (M8) to run Windows Phone 8.1, featuring dual Boom Sound speakers and a Duo rear camera.

First revealed by notorious and often accurate phone leaker Evan Blass, the handset has been dubbed the One W8 and has appeared in the rumor mills once more, this time by Tom Warren at The Verge.

HTC was one of the first manufacturers to offer handsets with Windows Phone when it debuted in 2012, with the HTC 8X and 8S being sold alongside early Nokia Lumia devices.

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It is claimed the handset could be called the HTC One (M8) for Windows Phone, and will be one of the first handsets to run the Update 1 version of Windows Phone 8.1. Not yet announced by Microsoft, The Verge’s sources claim Update 1 will allow users to drag and drop home screen tiles on top of each other to create folders - a feature offered by iOS and Android for years, but one Windows Phone has always lacked.

Update 1 is also believed to offer support for interactive cases, as always seen on the LG G3 and HTC One (M8); this could pave the way for Windows Phone cases which display certain information when closed, or can be interacted with without opening them and tapping the screen.

Microsoft is thought to be making Update 1 available to developers as soon as this week, or August.

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