Top 5 sat-nav apps

Once only found on the options lists of luxury cars, satellite navigation is now in the pockets of just about everyone thanks to the smartphone. Companies like TomTom, who used to own the market with their standalone devices, have had to re-think and embrace iOS and Android.
Here are five of our favourite sat-nav apps, perfect for making sure that summer road trip goes off without a hitch.
1. CoPilot
The premium version of CoPilot costs £19.99 and is our favourite of an excellent bunch ofsmartphone sat-nav systems. The app comes with 12 months of free live traffic data, maps of an entire European country at a time can be saved offline so it will work without a phone signal, and speed camera alerts with free updates (although these can’t be had in France and Switzerland due to local law).
Our favourite feature is how complex junctions are annotated with clear arrows, making it easy to get in the right lane at the right time.
2. Google Maps
Free with your Android handset, Google Maps’ turn-by-turn directions has improved by leaps and bounds in the last couple of years. Destinations can be found using Google’s excellent search tool - no need to enter the full address, like with most sat-navs - and traffic conditions are clearly displayed with green, yellow and red colour-coding.
3. TomTom

At £44.99, TomTom’s Western Europe app isn’t as cheap as many rivals, but with the cost comes a name we all trust to not get us lost on our way to the beach. Maps can be stored offlineand there’s a lane guidance system to help deal with difficult junctions, but best of all is TomTom’s free lifetime updates package, which updates the maps at least four times every year.
4. Apple Maps
Free for all iOS users, Apple Maps got off to a difficult start when the company ditched Google’s mapping app in 2012, but since then it has been vastly improved. There are spoken turn-by-turn directions, beautiful 3D satellite maps. Instructions are clear and the interface is much simplerthan most alternatives. The only downside is a lack of offline maps, so you’ll always need a decent signal.
5. Waze
Making mapping more social, Waze relies on its community of users to look out for each other.The app displays local alerts reported by its users, such as unexpected road closures or trafficjams to help make your journey less stressful. Contributing road information earns you points,which helps you raise to the top of the ranks of Waze users in your local community. As with all apps here, Waze offers spoken turn-by-turn directions to guide you to your destination.

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