Tap your tatt: Motorola announces smart tattoo to quickly unlock your phone

Motorola has announced a digital tattoo which can unlock your smartphone without the need for a PIN or password.

Waterproof and claimed to last for five days, the tattoo is intended to be stuck on your hand, wrist, or wherever is most convenient; tap your Motorola device against it and the phone unlocks.

Motorola claims the average smartphone user unlocks their phone more than 30 times every day and takes more than two seconds doing so each time - so to save a whole one minute out of every 24 hours, the manufacturer believes a smart tattoo is the solution.

Even though it's temporary and doesn’t leave a mark when removed, a tattoo may sound like an extreme way to make phone unlocking easier, but Motorola is definitely on to something here. It’s claimed half of smartphone users don’t bother securing their handset with a PIN or password, leaving their data and identity open to theft.

Any way to make the unlocking process quicker and easier will be welcome.

Available in the US now, the tattoo costs $1 (£0.59) and currently works with the Motorola Moto X, although more phones will be compatible soon, the manufacturer says.


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