Apple logo on rear of iPhone 6 to light up for notifications

The iPhone 6 will feature a translucent Apple logo on its back which will light up to alert you to new notifications like text messages and calls.

This latest tidbit of information comes from Sonny Dickson, an Australia-based blogger with a stellar track record of getting hold of Apple products before they are announced.

It is believed the Apple logo, which on all other iPhones has been chrome, could also be used an an antenna for the phone’s NFC chip - a feature never before seen on an Apple product.

The images show how the handset’s aluminium chassis has a hole cut out around the Apple logo, which is filled by semi-transparent plastic to let light shine through.

A notification light will be a welcome addition, as most high-end Android rivals have such a light to alert users to missed calls, unread texts and other notifications. Placing the iPhone 6 face-down hopefully won’t be a problem, as it’s rumoured sapphire crystal screen protector is claimed to be much tougher than the glass used by all previous iPhones.

Apple is widely expected to be launching a 4.7-inch iPhone 6 at a media event in September. A larger 5.5-inch model is tipped to arrive later in the year and both handsets will run the new iOS 8 operating system.

The 4.7-inch model is believed to be entering mass production this week.

Source: USwitch


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