Microsoft abandons Nokia X range as 18,000 job cuts announced

Just five months after it was launched, Microsoft has called an end to the Nokia X smartphone range.

The decision was announced alongside 18,000 job cuts, with the majority of those being former Nokia employees taken briefly onboard in Microsoft’s buy-out of the phone-maker.

An unusual product, but one which was well-received by the technology press, the Nokia X was a range of three smartphones which looked similar to the Lumia Windows Phone range, but ran a version of Google’s Android modified to look like Windows Phone.

Nokia stripped out all of Google’s services (Chrome, Play, Gmail etc) and replaced them with Microsoft’s alternatives.

The phones were aimed at the lower end of the market and were expected to be popular in emerging markets, but the potential wasn’t enough for Microsoft, which now has all of its mobile hopes pinned on the Lumia smartphone range.

Analysts expect the move has been made to promote the Lumia range, which showed promise early on in its life, but still lags behind the dominant Android and iOS platforms.

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