Samsung Galaxy Note 4 to include UV sensor to alert of dangers of sun exposure

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will have a UV light sensor to help alert users to the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation emitted by the sun.

Samsung gossip site SamMobile has previously reported about the Note 4 getting a UV sensor, but only now has the use of it been explained. As an expansion of Samsung’s S Health app - which already includes a heart rate monitor on the Galaxy S5 - the Note 4 will keep a watchful eye on the sun.

Pointing the sensor skywards allows it to take a reading, which will then help the phone offer its user advice on the current ultraviolet radiation they are being exposed to - this could be in the form of a notification to suggest they apply suncream of move to the shade.

Although this still sounds like a gimmick, it may have more practical use than the Galaxy S5’s heart rate sensor. People are generally ignorant of the damage sun exposure can cause, so a notification from their smartphone may be what’s needed to prompt a change in attitude to UV radiation.

Earlier this week it was reported that the Note 4 would include a retinal eye scanner to improve security.

Samsung is expected to announce the Note 4 at the IFA technology trade show in Berlin, which kicks off on 3 September.

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