Apple to launch three versions of iWatch with two different screen sizes

The Apple iWatch will come in three different versions and two screen sizes - but only the largest will feature the tough-as-nails sapphire crystal protection.

This is the latest tidbit of information to seep out of Apple’s increasingly leaky production chain, and point towards smartwatches with screen sizes of 1.6 inches and 1.8in.

Apple will produce one watch at the smaller size, while the sapphire crystal screen cover - claimed to be almost unscratchable by anything softer than diamond - will be reserved for the two larger models.

This rumour, which comes from Taiwan’s Economic Daily, via G for Games, tallies with similar reports which last year claimed Apple was working on two sizes of iWatch - at the time it was suggested these would make the wearable gadget suitable for the differing wrist sizes of men and women.

The source claims all three models will arrive in the third quarter of 2014, contradicting recent speculation that the iWatch will not go on sale until nearer Christmas, or even early 2015.

Apple, according to the same publication, is still working on a 12.9-inch version of the iPad - also known as the iPad Pro - which is said to arrive before the end of the year. If true, this tablet would be a full three inches larger than the iPad Air and rival Samsung’s 12.2-inch Galaxy Tab Pro.

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