Fuel cell tech to boost iPhone and MacBook battery life by days

Future iPhones, iPads, MacBooks and more could last for days, or even weeks, without needing to be charged, thanks to a pioneering British energy company.

Leicestershire-based Intelligent Energy recently bought a set of patents in partnership with an “international electronics company” which “senior sources in the US” told the Daily Mail was Apple.

The report claims the two companies are working together to develop fuel cells which would keep mobiles, tablets and laptops charged for days at a time - much more than the single day possible with most modern handsets.

This technology will be available to consumers “within a few years,” the report claims. Adding more fuel to the rumour fire are claims that Joe O'Sullivan, chief operating officer of Intelligent Energy, used to be an Apple executive and was responsible for the company's re-entry into the consumer market with the original iMac.

Further strengthening ties between the two companies, Intelligent Energy recently opened an office in San Jose, California, just 10 miles from Apple’s headquarters.

Such large advances in consumer technology take many years to come to fruition, but this partnership - if true - at least lays the foundations for huge improvements in battery life in years to come.


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