How tough is the iPhone 6's sapphire crystal screen? Watch this to find out

The sapphire crystal screen of the iPhone 6 will be much stronger than anything ever seen on a mainstream smartphone before, shrugging off coins, keys and even a sharp knife with ease.

Fresh off Apple’s Chinese production line, the sapphire front panel of the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 - due to be announced in September - was put through its paces this week by Marques Brownlee in a YouTube video which showed just how tough the new phone will be.

Brownlee tried to scratch the screen with keys, then stabbed and scored at it with a sharp knife, but was unable to leave a mark.

He also noted how clear and high quality the screen looks, with zero tinting and no change to colours when looking through it. Brownlee tried to snap the screen by standing on it and pulling upwards, but despite bending to almost 90 degrees, the panel did not break.

Previously far too expensive to be used in regular smartphone - and instead used only by Vertu in its super-expensive luxury handsets - sapphire crystal is set to enter the mainstream thanks to Apple. Before, the material was only used to cover the rear camera of the iPhone 5 and the Touch ID sensor of the iPhone 5s.

Via: 9to5Mac


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