iPhone Air is Apple's next smartphone, case maker claims

The iPhone 6 will come in two different sizes - 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches - and at least one will be called the iPhone Air.

This latest tidbit of iPhone news comes from case-maker Spigen, which has listed cases for both sizes of iPhone 6 on Amazon, priced at $10.99 and $26.99 for the smaller and larger model respectively.

More than that, the company has uploaded the above image to its Google+ account. A picture (or more likely a computer generated render) of an iPhone 6 is shown wearing a case and with the tagline “There’s something in the air” and the final word emphasized by a thinner font.

Apple is of course no stranger to the Air name, having used it for the MacBook Air and the iPad Air.

One final bit of information is the availability date for the iPhone 6 cases on Amazon - 30th September. This is a Tuesday, the day of the week Apple traditionally announces new products - suggesting the iPhone 6 could be announced on the 30th, or perhaps a week earlier, the 23rd.

It is all-but-confirmed that Apple will announce the iPhone 6 is September and it will come in two sizes, although until now the rumour mills suggested that the 5.5-inch model would not arrive until later in the year. Spigen seems to think otherwise.

We expect the iPhone 6 to enter mass production this month, and from then on we fully expect to see a steady supply of leaked photos from Apple’s Chinese supply chain before the handset is announced in September.


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