Brazilian bandits steal 40,000 Samsung smartphones and tablets worth £3.6m in dramatic factory heist

Truckloads of smartphone, tablets and laptops worth $6.3 million (£3.6m) were stolen by a gang of Brazilian bandits from a Samsung factory near Sao Paulo late on Sunday night.

Local police had initially claimed gadgets worth $36m has been stolen, but this figure was reduced by Samsung soon after.

The heist was carried out by seven armed robbers who carjacked a shuttle bus used by Samsung employees to gain access to the factory, where they spent almost four hours loading smartphone, tablets and notebook computers onto seven trucks.

Six employees on the bus were taken to a remote location and set free, but two were held hostage and taken to the factory, where the gang disarmed security guards, gathered the rest of the plant’s employees together and prevented them from raising the alarm.

"They subdued the guards, took their weapons and their ammunition and told them to continue working as if nothing had happened," police Lieutenant Vitor Chaves told Globo television, reports the Guardian.

Once the factory was secured, the gang gave the all-clear for 13 further robbers to drive seven getaway trucks into the factory, which they then loaded with 40,000 Samsung products.

A Samsung spokesperson in Brazil said the company was "very worried about the incident“, adding: "We have cooperated fully with the police investigation that is underway and will do our best to avoid any sort of repeat incident.”

Reuters reports that stills allegedly taken by factory security cameras and used by local media show the alleged culprits dressed in black and wearing dark headgear, roaming about the factory and pushing crates of products towards the trucks and pallet loaders.”

No suspects have yet been identified.

Source: Reuters

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