Apple hires Tag Heuer retail vice president to sell 'Swiss made' iWatch

Apple has hired Patrick Pruniaux, vice president of sales and retail at premium watchmaker Tag Heuer and plans to market its iWatch as “Swiss made”, Tag CEO Jean-Claude Biver revealed.

Tag Heuer, Zenith and Hublot all fall under the ownership of LVMH and its head of watch brands, Jean-Claude Biver, told CNBC that Tag's sales director has been poached by Apple to work on its yet-to-be-announced iWatch.

Patrick Pruniaux's LinkedIn profile page reveals he has worked in he premium watch industry since 2009. Before that, he worked for drinks companies Diagio and Moet Hennessy.

The Tag VP joined Apple late last month, a source "directly familiar" with the hiring told 9to5Mac.

Biver also said how Apple plans to market the wearable gadget as “Swiss-made” to add an air of luxury and credibility when pitching the watch to consumers.

The employee has not yet been named, but it is believed they left on good terms, as Biver said moving to Apple will be “a great experience for him.” Biver said he would have been upset if the move was to another watchmaker.

Biver revealed in March that Apple has tried to hire watchmakers from LVMH, but had been unsuccessful.

Apple has been working on a wearable device for around 18 months now, but there hasn’t been a single leak to suggest what the gadget will look like or what features it will offer.

The iWatch is expected to be announced either alongside the iPhone 6 at a media event in September, or at its own special press conference a little later in the year.

Image Credit: MartinHayek


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