Samsung ad calls iPhone users 'wall-huggers' due to battery life

Samsung’s latest swipe against Apple calls iPhone users “wall-huggers” due to the phone’s apparent lack of battery life.

Set in an airport, the video advertisement shows a number of iPhone users huddled together by wall sockets to charge their phone, while smug Samsung owners mock them with their long-lasting Galaxy S5.

The advert highlights the ability to swap the S5’s battery for a fresh one - something you can’t do with the iPhone - and Samsung’s Ultra Battery Saving mode, which can squeeze a whole day of life from just 10% of charge - again, something iOS is yet to offer.

A narrator describes iPhone users as “tethered to the wall, denied the freedom to enjoy even the most basic things…” One character says “I hear the new iPhone is coming out soon,” to which another replies: “I hope it has a better battery.”

The iPhone 6, which will have a 4.70-inch screen and therefore space for a larger battery, is expected to be announced in September.


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