Microsoft fitness band will arrive in Q4 and rival the Samsung Gear Fit

Microsoft will announce and sell a fitness band similar to the Samsung Gear Fit in the fourth quarter of this year, and it will work with smartphones on all platforms, including iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

The well-connected Microsoft blogger Paul Thurrott claims the device will be marketed as a fitness band rather than a smartwatch - although the time will probably be displayed while in standby - and it will show incoming notifications to save you looking at your phone.

Most importantly, it will work like the Gear Fit, using an array of sensors to track your walking, running, hiking, cycling, heart rate and sleep to provide a complete overview of your personal health and fitness, viewable through an app on a Bluetooth-connected smartphone.

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But crucially, unlike the Gear Fit (which only works with select Samsung handsets), Android Wear smartwatches (which only work with Android phones) and the rumoured Apple iWatch (surely iPhone-only), the Microsoft device will work with all smartphones.

This means compatibility with iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

Thurrott doesn’t yet know what the device will be called, but he expects Microsoft to use either the Nokia and/or Lumia name, or Surface.

However, the blogger - whose predictions are often correct - believes it will be priced the same as the Samsung Gear Fit (around £170 in the UK) and will be announced and sold in the fourth quarter of this year.

Apple is widely expected to be announcing its own wearable - dubbed the iWatch - around the same time.


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