The Withings Activité: This is the smartwatch we've been waiting for

The Withings Activité is the best looking smartwatch we’ve ever seen. Instead of following Samsung, Sony and LG in creating a square and bulky computer which doubles as a wristwatch, Withings has created a beautiful and traditional analogue watch which tracks your movement.

Looking like a stylish conventional watch on the outside, the only telltale sign of the Activité’s abilities is a second dial which simply displays the percentage of your daily walking target you have completed, measuring by an accelerometer and synced to your phone (iPhone only for now) over Bluetooth, which is also used to keep accurate time.

The watch can also monitor your sleep and be set to vibrate to wake you up, but it will only do so when you’re at the lightest point of your sleep cycle to help make waking up easier.

Withings CEO Cédric Hutchings told The Verge: “It’s the first in a new category: a premium, high-end watch that happens to have these cool features.”

The Activité lasts a year on a regular watch battery, is waterproof to five metres and comes with either a black or white face and a black or brown leather strap.

Once connected to your iPhone, the Activité can sync with other Withings products, such as the company’s smart bathroom scales, the Pulse wristband and the Aura sleep monitor.

The Activité will be available in the autumn, priced at $390.


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