Apple U-turn sees bitcoin apps return to the App Store

Apple now allows developers to distribute bitcoin applications through its App Store, having previously banned any apps relating to the digital currency.

The first app to appear after Apple lifted the ban was Coin Pocket and others, such as Blockchain, will no doubt follow in the coming days and weeks.

They will remain available in the App Store as long as they follow Apple’s new guidelines, in that every app adheres to state and federal laws in the countries they are available. So if the app adheres to US law, it may appear in the US App Store. Simple.

This will be a major win for the bitcoin community, which was forced to shun Apple and its iOS platform after apps like Blockchain - which can be used for transferring bitcoins from one user to another - were removed. Meanwhile, applications for bitcoin, litecoin, dogecoin and many other virtual currencies have been available on Android through Google Play.

Source: iTunes


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