Google to enter health and fitness market with Google Fit

Google will announce a health and fitness tracking application called Google Fit at its annual I/O developer conference later this month.

Going up against Apple’s HealthKit, announced just last week, Google will use its Android Wear operating system and wearable devices from partners LG and Motorola to act as a home for Google Fit.

The service will also compete against Sami, announced by Samsung last month as a biometric data platform which collects health information from devices and applications.

Google will announce partnerships with hardware manufacturers at the I/O event, which kicks off on 25 June, Forbes reports. A source familiar with Google’s plans and cited by the Forbes report said the system would “allow a wearable device that measures data like steps or heart rate to interface with Google’s cloud-based services, and become part of the Google Fit ecosystem.”

It isn’t yet clear if Google Fit will be bundled with the next version of Android, or if it will be made available and a standalone app for users to download.

It is understood that Google will use its cloud services to store, sync and distribute the health and fitness data collected by wearable devices. This could mean anything from sharing fitness stats with friends, to receiving medical advice from your doctor based on data collected by a wearable.

Google has a number of education sessions planned for I/O, where t will teach developers how to create applications for Android Wear, plus one session called “wearable computing with Google.”


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