Facebook's Snapchat rival Slingshot prematurely published on iOS App Store

Facebook’s rival to Snapchat appeared on the iOS App Store - but, perhaps appropriately, it disappeared moments later.

Snapchat, where users send images and messages to each other, which are set to automatically delete a few seconds after being viewed, has caused Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg a headache since its popularity soared in 2013. Facebook is rumoured to have offered several billion dollars for SnapChat, but had its offer turned down.

The app, called Slingshot, landed in the iOS App Store with no announcement or press release, but was pulled almost as soon as it arrived.

Following a similar self-destructing model to Snapchat, the major difference with Slingshot is that when users receive a message, they must sent one back as a reply before it can be seen. A sort of -’I’ll show you mine if you show me yours’ scenario, but with less of the obvious euphemisms, we hope.

Facebook has admitted to the premature publication of Slingshot, but will not say when the app will be properly available, other than “soon”.

Picture credit: Engadget


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