Amazon tipped to announce 3D smartphone at 18 June media event

Amazon is to hold a media event on 18 June where it is expected to announce its first smartphone, which will use several front-facing cameras to create a 3D user interface.

Journalists, developers and even Amazon’s own customers are invited to the event, which will take place in Seattle, and the company has released a teaser video showing a number of people trying the new device, which remains out of shot.

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Amazon has been rumoured to be working on its first smartphone for many months, and recently it was claimed the handset uses a range of front-facing infrared cameras to monitor the user’s eyes and create a 3D interface which reacts to their movements.

This is backed up by Amazon’s own video, which shows users bobbing their heads around as if looking at an augmented 3D image which reacts to how they hold the phone and move.

The phone can be seen briefly, reflected in the glasses of a user in the video, and although very little is given away, the device is definitely a phone, with a look similar to that of the iPhone 5s.


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