iOS 8 to be jailbroken just days after debut

Apple’s new iOS 8 mobile operating system for iPhone and iPad can be jailbroken as easily as the current version, iOS 7.1.1, a top security researcher claims.

Stefan Essar, known online as i0n1c, tweeted: “Initial tests show that iOS 8 beta does not fix anything. Dumped kernel fine, but code changed and patches are not found...I guess tomorrow I need a few hours in the office to fix the code and then the JB [jailbreak] should be iOS 8 beta compatible.”

Essar’s findings will be welcome news to those who want to upgrade their jailbroken iPhones to the newest version of iOS, which was announced at Apple’s WWDC event this week and will be available to the public in the autumn.

Given the software will go through numerous iterations before then, there is a chance Apple will patch the holes which led to the current version of iOS being jailbroken.

Jailbreaking is the process of unlocking the software of an iPhone or iPad, allowing the user to install applications from sources other than Apple’s own App Store, as well as make visual changes to the user interface not normally possible.


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