This is the Samsung Galaxy S5 Active

The Samsung Galaxy S5 active will be a bulked up, super tough version of the regular S5 with physical buttons and an AMOLED display.

Caught on camera during an extensive hands-on video, the S5 Active is yet to be announced by Samsung, but is expected to arrive in the coming months alongside a smaller version of Samsung’s flagship called the S5 Mini.

According to the leaker, TK Tech News, this S5 Active is a prototype on its way to US mobile network AT&T. The phone appears to run the same version of TouchWiz as the regular S5, on top of Andoird 4.4.2 KitKat, and there is a removable battery, plus the S5’s rear-mounted heart rate monitor. It isn’t yet known if the S5 Active’s home button has a fingerprint scanner, as it does on the S5.

An interesting point noted by the leaker that “this [Super AMOLED] screen is not 1080p, it is higher than that” suggesting the Active has a higher resolution than the regular S5.

Last year’s S4 Active was praised for adding waterproofing to the S4, but with the S5 already offering this feature, the new Active will have to do more to tempt buyers into buying a phone that is larger and heavier than its slim stablemate.

The Active has more squared corners than the S5 and is finished in dark grey plastic with rubberised protection around the entire outer edge.

Unlike the S5, the Active has a barometer and a compass, which are both found in an app called Activity Zone and is exclusive to this phone. The app also includes a flashlight and a stopwatch - all aimed at the assumed outdoor nature of Active buyers.

Also unique to the Active is a dedicated camera shutter button, but called ‘Active Button’ this can be assigned to do pretty much anything - it can even be set to perform two jobs, one for a short press and one for a longer press.

Samsung is yet to comment on the S5 Active, but given the near-finished state of this prototype, we can expect to see it being launched soon.


Source: TK Tech News

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