Motorola Moto 360 smartwatch will cost $249

The Motorola Moto 360 smartwatch will cost $249, according to the terms and conditions of a competition giving the gadget away as a prize.

The competition, run by Motorola and asking fans to design a face for the upcoming smartwatch, is giving a Moto 360 away as the prize and, as is usual, the ARV (average retail value) of the prize is included in the smallprint - $249 (around £150).

Yet to get a release date, the Moto 360 is Motorola's first smartwatch to run the new Android Wear software developed by Google as an answer to Tizen, which runs on Samsung’s range of Gear smartwatches.

That $249 price point is the same in the US as the Pebble Steel, a smartwatch which has been praised for its aesthetics, but relies on an eink screen similar to that used by the Amazon Kindle ebook reader, to prolong battery life. The Moto 360 will use a more conventional colour touchscreen, but whether the display will remain lit permanently remains to be seen.

Android Wear devices can be used to make phone calls, send and receive texts messages, perform Google searches, view maps, get directions and more. LG is also expected to launch an Android Wear watch in the coming weeks.

Source: Google Drive


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